Revenge of The Dreamers 3 and the Beauty of Creative Collaboration

In January 2019, J Cole announced the third installment of the Revenge of the Dreamers compilation series. The golden ticket poster popped up on many different artists social media pages, this created much anticipation. Ten days of locking in a studio and creating, is an amazing feat in itself, considering all of the different schedules and requirements it takes to be a successful artist. The roster of individuals increased as the days went by, with the entire Dreamville Roster sharing invitations and the likes of Key!, Vince Staples, Smino, Young Nudy, Guapdad 4000, Saba, 6lack, Wale, K Camp and many more. The genius of this entire project was the coming together of all these different artists to create a special body of work. There are so many different types of artists that you would never imagine would collaborate. Artists from all over to come together for one sole purpose of making music is a beautiful thing to see. After months of speculation, the project is finally here. The hard work of a collective group of artists is here in its final form.

Dreamville has one of the most diverse rosters in rap right now, the likes of Ari Lennox, J.I.D., Earthgang, Bas, Cozz, Omen, and Lute. The lure of this project was seeing the likes of artists on completely different spectrums come together and collab. Each track was a delight to listen to. The album begins with Cole, Lute, and Dababy on Under The Sun. The track also has additional vocals from Kendrick Lamar. J.I.D. is one of the clear standouts on this entire project, from Down Bad to Rembrandt. J.I.D. floating effortlessly on all of these tracks. Earth Gang also caught my eye, their work on Sacrifices and Swivel is phenomenal. Guapdad4000 hooks were dope to hear. Trap artists like Young Nudy, Key! And Maxo Kream stood on their own.
Artist like SmokePurp, Smino, Dreezy, who only got a verse or two made the most of their time on the project and shined in their own ways. The different eyes that will be cast upon all of these artists is another blessings in itself. The production was great, it sounded amazing but it didn’t take away attention from the bevy of rappers on the project. Throughout the duration of this project, nothing seemed forced, it all seemed natural and concise. Even on some of the more light-hearted tracks such as Wells Fargo, it doesn’t lose any steam. There’s something for everyone on Revenge of The Dreamers 3
Revenge of The Dreamers is a phenomenal project, that means a lot to not only the Dreamville roster but everyone involved. What this project stands for and what it displays to creatives is important to see. A common concern when making projects is whose input do you trust. Too many chefs in the kitchen can lead to misunderstandings, arguments and just general disarray. But everyone meshed well on this project. The amount of music made that made this project and the music to come on various different projects. Artists whose song didn’t get to make it on the album, its great to network and exchange numbers. It creates a great segway into more music and even friendships. Even though It’s always special to see musicians and creatives come together and collaborate and create, and this sets the standard for projects in the future. The amount of music and collaborations that came from these sessions alone will be lovely to see.

Favorite Tracks: Costa Rice, Under The Sun, Sacrifices, Got Me

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