A conversation with Sir Eddie C

I recently had the pleasure of sitting down with the artist Sir Eddie C. We got to discuss a variety of topics, including his influences, the concept behind this project and his newest project Readmission.  Be sure to peep the interview below.


What’s up, man?

Eddie: Not much black man how you doing?

You have a project dropping whats the name of the project? Let’s talk about it.

Eddie: Well the project is called Readmission, I mean you want me to get into the content or

Yeah, talk about it

Eddie: Ok, pretty much the concept is all about the music that inspired me when I was little and music I grew up listening to. So obviously throughout a lot of the promotion and rollout its been very much Kanye circa 04, 06 like definitely being from the suburbs and then watching someone blow up with a polo on was so tight to me.  But you know recently he’s been saying a lot of wild shit politically, so as a person who really believed what he was talking about earlier, its kind of hard to stomach all the things he’s talking about now, so that’s kind of where the project began.  It was more about making people remember the feeling of the music he used to make and it evolved from there.  A lot of the music and influences you’ll hear on it are soul infused because that’s kind of what he brought to the game and yeah.

So how many tracks are on the project, who is going to be featured on it and who did you work with on the project?

Eddie: As far as producers I only worked with LMTD, he’s the main producer in nowhere.  I think most of the songs yall heard from me, like Change, Hemingway, etc are all produced by him.  Y’all will hear certain things on the EP that I had to reach out to people for. so I actually reached out to a comedian named Nathan Chase, which yall will hear on the intro.  Because I really wanted to bring back that feeling those original albums had.

So making a full body of cohesive work was important to you, because a lot of projects now are essentially playlists, what was your thinking behind this?

Eddie: Cohesion was the main thing because that was something that always impressed me about Kanye’s albums,  the cohesion that they had and the overall scheme and overall how it was put together. From the skits to how the music sounded and the progression and everything made a lot of sense.  And like you said a lot of projects today are a bunch of random sounds and songs.

Like when Drake dropped that playlist.

Eddie: Yeah, I get why people do it because we are kind of in the ADD era where people are kind of latched on to one thing for a week and then they are on to the next thing. This whole EP was a throwback to a time when people were listening and talking about projects for a while.  Not to say its gonna happen but it’s definitely a throwback and concept to that time in music.

One thing I noticed about this EP was how you rolled everything out, from Promo to the videos to the pictures what inspired you to do that, considering the power of social media a lot of artists just throw their music out?

Eddie: Really me buying into the project, I think that’s the main thing people don’t do.  It takes a different type of belief in the project to do that type of stuff.  So just me watching some of my favorite artists, Kanye was one of my favorite artists and has been a major influence, he was very calculated in his rollouts and presentation of everything.  It is always mirrored in everything that we do about always trying to put out the highest quality content we can. Nothing was by mistake, my biggest thing is to control all the control-ables and leave nothing to chance and the shit looked tight.

So since this project is so short, only being 4 tracks and an intro do you plan on dropping any videos?

Eddie: Yeah, I definitely want to do visuals.  But I also want the fans to pick what video they want.  But also the way the EP is constructed, I don’t feel like there is a single.  I had conversations about that with people that feel like it needed a single, I didn’t feel like it needed to because I rather have the whole project be cohesive rather a bunch of “big” moments.

What were you listening to during the curation of this project?

Eddie: Well, obviously College Dropout, Late Registration, a little bit of Graduation but I also found a lot of Kanyes Old demos before he blew up, like the Freshman adjustments EP.  I found them in a store in Chesterfield and it was super cheap because no one knew he was out there.  I wanted it to be a certain time period and not just Kanyes whole career.

You seem let down by Kanye, but how do you feel about separating the art from the artist?

Eddie: I don’t believe in separating the art from the artist for the main reason that Hip-Hop has always been a social tool by underrepresented communities to say things.  So when you originally come out and say “My mom was arrested at the sit-ins and with that in my blood I was born to be different” to “I would’ve voted for trump” its very difficult to hear that, like Nah bro like we love you cause you were speaking to things that no one was speaking about at that level.  Like you had a yellow Roc-a-Fella chain on saying that.  It’s a lot different than Talib with a kufi on, you know what I’m saying. That’s the main reason why it’s hard to stomach the things he says now.

What made you what to do this project?

Eddie: When I started the project, it was a passion project. It was something I wanted to do, I’ve always wanted to do something similar to this, where I was using those type of sounds and beats I grew up on.  It felt like the perfect time to do this project.  I really loved the way the records sounded and I always wanted to try my hand at them.

What do you have next after this project?

Eddie: We’re definitely working the project for sure.  I’m already working on another EP, one that’s more in tune with my actual style, a lot of people don’t realize that this is the only thing that I have put out.  That goes to show you my staying power off the songs I put out at the back half of last year.  We always tried to stay current and in the mix with everything we do.  From everything me and Zado did to a lot of the cool shows we got to do this year, and I haven’t dropped a single thing this year until now. 

Do you see yourself performing this live?

Eddie: I want to be able to perform this live, but the only way I see myself performing this live is if I do the whole thing live.  I have an Idea with what songs I would be able to perform separately. I know there’s at least one or two songs I can perform on this project.

How did nowhere come about

Eddie: Nowhere is a creative group, that’s the best way to put it.  Instead of looking for plugs and outlets to support us, we decided to come together and support ourselves.  It’s more than just rappers obviously, we have LMTD he’s a producer we have Malik he films everything and we have some people we can’t talk about right now.  It’s cool that we have a growing group of creatives.  We all knew each other and we all did music and we all came together and decided to put out our efforts under a branded umbrella called nowhere and it stuck.

Where do you get your style from?

Eddie: Women on Instagram inspire me more than anything and then I’ve always been inspired by jiggy niggas.  Kanye was one, early Ye, Clipse, Pharrel but then also it changes so much because style is always evolving.  But it’s always based in street wear.  Getting fits off is important.

Mac Miller recently passed, how did that make you feel?

Eddie: That shit was sad, I was on twitter right when TMZ posted it.  I wasn’t the biggest Mac Miller fan, only because during that era there were so many people to listen to.  But It was crazy when he came to St. Louis for the Divine Feminine tour, we got to go see him but when I saw him live, it made me appreciate him and his artistry.  He had live instrumentation and it made me respect him that much more.

Any shout outs before we go?

Eddie: Shoutout to Nathan Chase because he capped off everything, I knew there was an element missing but I didn’t know what it was.  I was online looking for someone to do a Bernie Mac impression and no one was fucking with me.  I think Zado found him and sent them to me and he really came through.  He didn’t have to do that, he doesn’t know me at all. I’m forever grateful.  Shoutout to Nowhere, Zado, Malik, LMTD, shoutout to Preach, he went above and beyond to make sure, we had good visuals.  Preach is so cold. Shoutout to SurburbanPro, I recorded there.  Shoutout to Alex Don, I was really annoying him with precise things with the mix and he worked with me.  Shoutout to Unsuper Filmer. Yeah

Thank you Eddie.

Thanks for the Interview man this was great.

Go get Readmission now, available on all streaming platforms!



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