SR3MM/Swaecation/Jxmtro Review

Rae Sremmurd’s long awaited album SR3MM is finally here.  But not only is it the collective’s third project, Swae and Jxmm decided to bless the people with two solo projects.  Who doesn’t love a package deal?  The duo has become a mainstay in Hip-Hop culture and while most acts fizzle out after a year or two, Sremmurd has been able to elevate and grow into stars as a group and as individuals.  I had high expectations for the album as I was a fan of their two previous projects.  What I received from SR3MM was another interesting project.

From the beginning of SR3MM I noticed that Mike Will hasn’t missed a step on the production tip.  The duo floated over each beat, and the features meshed well.  I am a fan of shorter albums; it cuts out the extra and gets right down to the point.  At nine tracks it was a perfect length project.  This format is great for Rae Sremmurd as earlier projects contained some filler and added unnecessary weight to the project.  SR3MM may be their best project in my opinion, everything flows together and it’s a really fun listen.  The growth in Swae and Jxm is apparent and great to see.


After SR3MM we have Swae Lee’s debut solo project Swaecation.  Many people have been fiending for a Swae Lee solo project for some time now.  I have been a fan of Swae Lee’s but I was necessarily anticipating a solo project.  I feel as though Swae biggest attributes are his affinity’s for hooks, I didn’t know how well he would do on full songs.  After a few listens my assumptions proved to be true.  I wasn’t really a huge fan of Swaecation. The sole feature from Young Thug was good.  I feel as though they were great concepts but the execution wasn’t all the way there. Swae Lee’s voice isn’t terrible, he has proven he can hold a note. But the songs themselves didn’t wow me like I thought they would.  Swae Lee is still a star and some of the songs were alright. Swaecation just didn’t do it for me.


After a few years of people telling Swae Lee to go solo, I was anticipating a solo project from Jxmmi.  After a few solo songs here and there I was sold that Jxm isn’t dead weight but he is also a star.  With Jxmtro he showcases his ability to rap and song-writing abilities.  While Swae Lee is more of a singer and harmonizer, Jxmmi is more of a turn up type of rapper.  The whole project was filled with fun, bass-booming tracks.  I had a lot of fun listening to this project.  Jxm rapping abilities has grown immensely from the first two projects, he wasn’t a bad rapper but he was very hit or miss for me.  Also who knew Zoe Kravitz had bars? What a time.

All in all, SR3MM is possibly Rae Sremmurd’s best project.  It is straight to the point with no filler or unnecessary content.  The album embodies everything that made people fall in love with Rae Sremmurd.  Swaecation had some good moments but ultimately fell short.  Jxmtro is an amazing solo project and raises my expectations for Slim Jxmmi.  The two have more than a hand full of hits that will carry on well past the summer.  Rae Sremmurd continue to grow and evolve with this project, which every artist should strive for.

Scores: SR3MM: 5/5

Swaecation: 3/5

Jxmtro: 5/5

Favorite tracks:

SR3MM: Up in My Cocina, CLOSE, Bed Time Stories

SwaeCation: Off Shore, Guatemala

Jxtro: Benz Truck, Anti- Social Smokers Club

What did you think about SR3MM ?  Did you like it as much as I did, or did you hate it?  Be sure to let me know what you think.

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