Art vs The Artist?

One lifelong debate that many people have always argued is separating the art from the artist.  Some people argue that liking a person’s art is the same as supporting that person, while some say that you can enjoy art while not knowing a person.  I’ve always been conflicted on matters like this because I can honestly see both sides.  I’ve always felt that I can enjoy Art and also condemn person’s personal actions.  Everyone has a certain level of bullshit they will allow from a artist.  As a child my parents always told me that you don’t really know these people and they are humans just like us at the end of the day.  It would be foolish to hold them up on this pedestal.  Peoples need to constantly identify with and feel some sort of personal connection with someone they have never met has always been troubling to me.  Not to say that everyone does this, but it’s just weird to me.  In this current state of music today I feel like people are quick to label and judge people just off of the music they listen too.  Most of the time when people decide to ‘Cancel’ someone, which rarely works ya’ll need jobs; it just seems like a lot of noise that leads to nowhere.  At what point does our taste implicate us?




If you were too avoid all of the work made by shitty people, you would just not be consuming any sort of media ever.  I know people love to make assumptions on people, but ask yourself what do you really know about this person.  Are they good people or have they just not let you down yet?  Or are they shitty people but whatever they did you can overlook for whatever reason.  Maybe it’s just my general lack of confidence in the human race but once you put faith into another human you open yourself up to disappointment.  Most recently Kanye West has become the latest person to break people’s heart for his political views.  While I am disappointed, I can’t say I’m surprised.  His views on a variety of topics and his outspokenness made us a fan, until now. Are we mad at Kanye for becoming the person he said he would never be, Or should we be mad at ourselves that we believed this facade of a person that we wanted to like?  It upsets me when people want people to be real and always talk about what’s “real”.  We don’t know these people.  We don’t know anything aside from what they show us.  This is just a reminder that people want everything to be real until it doesn’t fit their facade they pictured for you. Something that disturbs me is the necessity to constantly identify with people you have never met or know about.




“Dark Knight Feeling, die and be a hero or live long enough to see yourself become a villain”




Until next time.



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