J-Cole -KOD Review

J. Cole needs no introduction. The Carolina native is one of the most polarizing figures in rap today.  Like his last two releases J.Cole has released his album with little to no detail.  Which is interesting, I wish more artist did this, just drop the music and let it speak for itself.  While most artist strive to be more famous and active, Cole leans more towards secreacy and lets the art speak for itself.  While I don’t like everything Cole releases, but I do appreciate the way he goes about things and what he trys to do with his platform.  His latest release, KOD is a observation of the current climate of Rap music today, did Jermaine let us down or did he deliver?


The intro is in regular cole fashion, very mellow and but instead of Cole singing it is a woman speaking about children and things of that nature.  I reminded of Outkast for some reason. It was interesting and it definitely drew me in.  It transitions into the title track ‘KOD’ , Coles flow on this track is immicaluate.  Coles spiting on this track coupled with hard-hitting production KOD is cole in rare form.  Photograph, the next track is well put together.  I understand what he was going for with this track but I wasn’t a fan. It was just all over the place.  I did like how he pitched his vocals and the concept but it didnt come together for me.  The Cut Off is one of the more intriguing tracks on the project.  The soulfullness of the track is visceral, the emotion in his raps are thought-provoking.  ATM comes on and its a complete 180 from The Cut Off.  Cole is spazzing on ATM. The next track Motiv8 beat has bounce to it and I love it.  Motiv8 is another dope track.  Kevin’s Heart is one of my favorite tracks on the album.  Coles harmonizing is refreshing, the subject matter is also nice.  Throughout the album I’m seeing cole use different flows and cadences.  The rest of the album is great.  I enjoyed Cole’s transparency when he speaks on topics such as taxes, the music industry, depression, relationships, addiction and the current state of rap.

When I got done with 4 Your Eyez, I wasn’t impressed.  I found myself terribly bored and…. just that bored.  I enjoyed KOD much more.   The production and rapping were just overall more interesting.  It didnt feel monotonous like 4YEO, KOD is a great project but there are still a few gripes I had with the project.  Some of the bridges and chorus’s were really bad.  I also wasn’t a fan of some of the vocal pitching throughout the album. Aside from the hooks and chorus’s KOD is a contender for album of the year.


Favorite Tracks: 1985, ATM, Kevins Hart, Windows Pain (Outro), Friends

Score 4/5

What did you think of KOD?  Take a listen and be sure to let me know.  I’ll see you all when I see you all, until next time, Enjoy.

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