Recently the Grammy committee has released the nominations for their upcoming award show. While that’s cool and I’m happy for all the artist nominated, I’m confused with how people were just boycotting the Grammy’s last year.  Then come this year, people are all in for everyone nominate, and people debating and complaining about snubs.  I don’t understand why people care about Grammy’s after years of not representing black music inaccurately. From Kendrick Lamar losing to Macklemore, to J. Cole losing to Iggy Azalea I could list examples for hours. So after years of legends and people we hold in high regard being omitted, a few nominations and everyone is just back on board?  This is a clear example of black people wanting a seat at the table, instead of bigging up and promoting our own platforms. Why not put more stock into award shows like the BET awards, Source Awards, Soul Train Awards etc.  If you hold the Grammy’s in high regard and always have then that’s fine.  I’m concerned with people in the Hip-Hop community that have been saying fuck the Grammys but just all of a sudden swoon, when their favorite artist is nominated.  All I want from you all is consistency.  That is in every aspect of life, but for the sake of this article I’m going to stick to the Grammy’s.  Why don’t we invest in our own awards, after countless snubs and blatant disrespect, it always bethuddles me at people putting stock in the Grammys.  I just want you all to keep the same energy, and if you don’t be honest about it.  Honesty is always the best policy, but let’s support our own financially and emotionally and start and promote our own platforms. If you constantly put your energy into people who tolerate you, you will always be let down and just that tolerated, not appreciated.

What are you doing to make situation better?  Instead of complaining, how about getting involved in the Grammy Committee to see the change you want to see.   Are you doing anything to change what you are upset with?  If not shut your bitch ass up. Do something besides post a tweet, or Instagram post actually take action in some way to get what you want.  But if you get nothing else from this article, I just want everyone to do better. Nothing more nothing else just do better.