Meek Mill is continuing his run of music he has been releasing lately.  After teasing this project for a couple of weeks on Instagram,  he has finally released his third album Wins & Losses.  After the success of DC4, I was eager to see what Meek would do with his next album. There is alot of hype surrounding this album and people want to know did Meek dissapoint with this record.  Did Meek live up to the hype or did he fall short?


Wins & Losses starts off with a booming intro, and throughout the album Meek sounds hungry and determined.  I was a fan of the transparency on this album, and the way he addressed certain situations surrounding Meek.  As usual Meek has a crazy flow and dope lyrics.  One of the improvements that I have seen throughout his career is how Meek has grown over time. I was glad to see Meek experimenting with more unique flows and speaking on more subjects that aren’t his Rollie or his Audemar.   I enjoyed Meek experimenting with autotune on We Ball. The production on this project was great,  It Meek perfectly.   None of the collaborations on these record sounded forced or contrived, everyone meshed well. I want to hear another collaboration with Lihtz Kamraz.  While I enjoyed majority of the album, I wasn’t a fan of the songs Made It From Nothing or Price.

Meek delivers again with another amazing body of work.  The profession from his first album to now is impressive.  Meek has evolved as a songwriter and his songs aren’t one dimensional anymore.  Meek has evolved and it shows on this project, he is more mature and conscious. I am also happy to see that Meek is also using multiple flows and trying new styles in his music. The controversies surrounding Meek have helped him become the artist that he is today, and it turn helped him make this such a phenomenal project.  If you are a Meek Mill fan you should enjoy this project A lot.

Score: 4/5

Favorite Tracks: 1942 Flow, We Ball, Issues, Wins & Losses, Connect The Dots, Fall Thru, Never Lose

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