4:44 Album Review

Jay-Z has finally released his long awaited 13th album, 4:44. There was a lot of controversies surrounding this album, including his relationship with Kanye West, and his marriage with Beyoncé. Many people were concerned with what Jay would have to say on this album, and many more wondered who would be featured on this album. Rumors circulated the internet but we finally have the album and it is interesting to say the least. Did Jay-z deliver or does he need to go back to the drawing board?


The common perception is that Hip-Hop is “young-man’s game” and Jay-z has completely destroyed this mantra, to release one of the most important album releases in recent memory. 4:44 is brutally honest, and vulnerable, detailing Hov’s upbringing and him reflecting on the past and things that are happening today. Not only did Jay reflect on today’s climate, he offered game and advice to the younger generation to help them retain their wealth and trying to gain financial freedom. Hov is also reflecting on when he was selling drugs and how far he has come. It’s beautiful to see, especially since a lot of rappers don’t prepare or even care about their future and Jay-z displays how you have to grow as a man and an artist to truly be the best person you can be. There are so many sides to this album including admitting your faults and what you have to be to be your own boss and black prosperity in America.

I was taken about by the album, I went in with no expectations and I was blown away. This is much more personal and thoughtful album than Magna Carta Holy Grail and I didn’t know how personal Hov could be. Something that doesn’t happen a lot in Rap music that used to be prominent was the 1 producer and 1 Rapper album. I want to see that more people do that because it helps the album become more cohesive and concise. No I.D deserves just as much praise as Hov for this project. The production and the different samples on this album were phenomenal. This album is perfect. It is a candidate for album of the year and there is so much to take in with this album, I catch something new each time I hear the album and it is important for the culture and where Black people need to be in the future.

Score: 5/5

Favorite Tracks: The Story of O.J., Bam , Family Feud, Marcy Me

Let me know what you all think. I hope everyone is having a great and safe summer.

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