A Defensive Stance


February 2017

Fin Review

Los Angles Singer-Songerwriter Syd, is the center of the collective, The Internet.Earlier in January she announced she was going to release her debut album.  Going into this project I had no expectations and I was excited to hear this.  Was this a flop, or did she live up to the hype ?


From beginning to end, Syd projects a classic 90’s R&B, differentiating from her sound with The Internet.  Fin is full of slow, seductive songs with layered production. Bennet’s vocals demand your attention, and while she’s not the most amazing vocalist her singing is very pleasing.  The sole feature from 6lack is a nice added touch, while I enjoyed his feature I felt as though it wasn’t needed.  

Everything about this project blew me away.  Syd’s vocals are smoothe and easy to listen to, coupled with her amazing song-writing abilities, the outcome is a dope project.  Syd blossoms  on this record and shows people she is a force to be reckoned with.  I had no idea what I was going to get with this project.  After each listen I liked it more and more.  I have no gripes with this album, Every song transitions into the next track smooth and effortlessly.  Fin showcases her ability to stand on her own and her versatility. I only wish that this project was longer, it felt as though some of these tracks could have been longer. Fin is a great listen regardless

Favorite Tracks: Nothing to Something, No Complaints,Over, Got Her Own

Score: 5/5


C U L T U R E Review

Migos have been at the center of Hip-Hop culture, directing and determining what is cool and influencing every aspect of the culture. From the after a long dry-spell the Migos have suited up for the second studio album.  Did the Migos finally find their sound or is this another setback for them?


Image result for C U L TU R E migos


Right off the bat Migos show their growth and improvement from their 2015 Yung Rich Nation, an album full of aggressive raps and flashy flows but lacked full song writing capabilities.  The trio have perfected their craft, when it comes to make hard-hitting music and impressive triplet flows.  Integrating auto tune a la Travis Scott, helped the Migos experiment and expand their range.  Throughout this album I saw the growth in all of the members of the collective.  I was impressed by all of the member’s abilities to switch between rapping and harmonizing.  None of the posse fall behind, all of them growing to hold their own and be dope artist in their own right.


While I did thoroughly enjoy Culture, it does have its faults.  Some of the songs felt of place. It almost felt as though songs like Deadz and Kelly Price were put on Culture as an afterthought.  These tracks lack motivation and direction and seem pointless in the totality of the album.  Overall Culture is a fun project, full of banging trap anthems and songs to party and have a great time.


Favorite Tracks: Culture, Brown Paper Bag, Slippery, T-Shirt


Score: 4/5


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