Ranking Kanye West’s Albums Best to Worst

Today, Complex published an article, ranking all of Kanye West’s albums, from worst to best.  Many people were upset with the list, most notably Chance the Rapper.  Chance tweeted “How am I supposed to keep reading this after you put Late Registration 2nd to last” Chance proceeded to rank Kanye’s albums.  With everyone tweeting their list I decided I would share mine.  Check out Chances tweets and my list below.

1.My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy

Image result for my beautiful dark twisted fantasy official album cover

2. College Dropout

Image result for college dropout official album artwork

3. Late Registration

Image result for late registration


Image result for Kanye West Graduation

5. 808’s and Heartbreak

Image result for 808's and heartbreak

6. The Life of Pablo

Image result for the life of pablo

7. Yeezus

Image result for yeezus album cover

I decided to omit Watch the Throne from this list because I just wanted to focus on Kanye’s solo projects.  What are your favorite Kanye projects?  I want to see you guy’s list and hear from you all.  Let me know what ya’ll think.  Thank you and God bless.



One thought on “Ranking Kanye West’s Albums Best to Worst

  1. I need you to put respek on Yeezus and add the cover art lol! How the hell you gonna put TLOP above it? WOOOOW.

    1. MBDTF
    2. CD
    3. Graduation
    4. 808’s
    5. Yeezus/WTT
    6. LR
    7. TLOP


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