Lil Uzi Vert and Gucci Mane have teamed up for a collaborative mix-tape, to many fans surprise.  Uzi announced the mix-tape a few weeks ago and many people, myself included were anticipating this project.  After the release of The Perfect LUV Tape, i was left feeling underwhelmed.  Does Uzi and Gucci deliver or did they drop a dud?

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I was very impressed by what I got with this mix-tape.  The production was very hard-hitting and smooth, suiting both Uzi and Gucci very well.  On some songs the chemistry between the two can be off, making it seem as though the two weren’t on the same page.  While 1017 vs The World is a short project there is very little room for error.Both Uzi and Guwop flow effortlessly over the production.  Lil Uzi stole the show, Gucci rapped well on this project, but Uzi outshines Gucci.  I do wish that the tape was longer. Some of these tracks seem unfinished (Today!) , giving the impression that some of these songs were rushed.  I hated Secure The Bag it seemed misplaced and didnt fit the mood of the mixtape. Aside from those two tracks the rest of  this project was great.

Overall it is a fun mixtape to listen to.  It is short and precise, with very few errors.  This was a great follow up to Uzi’s Pefect LUV Tape which i thought was Mediocre, and Gucci’s Free Bricks 2 with Future which I thought was phenomenol .  I am excited to hear more from these two in the future.  Hopefully we get another collaborative tape from these two, they make a great duo.

Favorite Tracks: Changed My Phone, Blonde Briditte, In 04′, Threesome

Score: 4/5

What did you think about 1017 vs. The World, did you love it? Did you Hate it? Let me know what you think, I hope everyone is enjoying the holidays, be safe.