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Yesterday I was doing homework and after a while I decided to take a break.  The first thing when I logged on my social media is yet another black body lying lifeless on the ground with his hands up.  I quickly conduct research to figure out what happened,  after a few hours of research I quickly found out what I wish would stop happening in America.  Terence Crutcher was on his way home from class when his car broke down, before police officers shot and killed him.  Officers in a helicopter described Crutcher as “a big bad dude”.  You knew nothing about this man but the fact that you perceived him as a scary dude.  My heart goes out to the family of Terrence , he was doing nothing but trying to get help and go on about his business.

The fear of black bodies and the quickness to shoot first and ask questions later is harmful, especially when African-Americans are targeted more so than their white counterparts.  Terence’s twin sister is calling for Justice to be served immediately.  I found it interesting how people who were angry at Colin Kaepernick for sitting during the National Anthem, are doing everything to justify another police officer shooting an unarmed Black person with his hands up. The same  People that felt as though Colin was disrespecting the flag, were the same people who were booing the president , our commander-in-chief.  Why are officers afraid of black people ?  Why are black people treated like a hunted species?

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Officer Betty Shelby is not in prison , she is on paid administrative leave.  Let that sink in , Betty isn’t in jail , Betty hasn’t even been arrested, she gets to go home to her family and still get pay checks while Terence will never get to see his family again. This isn’t a game , there isn’t any coming back from this . There’s no reset button or cheat code to bring Torrence back.  There is a major problem with race and policing in America, and until we start working together to restructure this system these tragedies will continue to happen. A black man was murdered with his hands up , there is no question  Wake up America, we have a long way to go.