Travis Scott has had quite a year, he has been releasing great singles and has been impressing me with some great features.  His album Rodeo dropped last year and it was one of my favorite albums of last year.  Has Travis improved or did he take a step back with Birds?

Birds in the Trap Sing McKnight.jpg

  1.  the ends- The opening track sets the tone for the album, its dark , moody, massive and ambient.  I was blown away by the production.  Right Away, I can tell that Travis’s songwriting ability has improved.  I hear a heavy Cudi influence on this track, but not to the point where Travis is biting Cudi’s style.  I enjoyed Scott’s verse.  Andre 3000 gives an amazing feature.  I just wish 3 stacks would finally drop an album since he’s been on so many artists album lately.
  2. way back- The transition from the ends to way back is flawless .  The production is hard-hitting and Travis delivers on his verse.  The transition in the middle of song is amazing.  I loved the spacey and airy production and the way Travis rides the beat is interesting.
  3. coordinate-  The track starts with a hilarious piece by Blac Youngsta, but afterwards Scott quickly gets back to the show.  The synths and production is amazing.  Travis almost gets overshadowed by the production.  His lyrics and rapping are great.  One thing about this album Travis ability to craft a full song has gotten much better. Great track.
  4. through the late night-  I have been waiting for a Kid Cudi and Travis Scott collab for a few years now, and I was very happy with the finished product.  These two have great chemistry and mesh well together.  Cudi has been very mediocre with his last few projects and this verse Gives me hope for his upcoming project.  Travis verse was good, but I feel as though Cudi outshined him on this track .
  5. beibs in the trap-  I was excited to see that Nav on this track.  Nav is a Toronto native who I have listening to for a couple of months now.  Nav really stole the show.
  6. sdp interlude- This track is spacey and atmospheric.  The production reminds me of a Clams Casino production.  Travis has become a better song maker and his production has evolved into a new sound.
  7. sweet sweet-  Sweet Sweet continuing the vibe from sdp interlude, Sweet Sweet is a very blissful track, the production is smooth and ambient.  Travis is singing on this track and I was skeptical at first but it has really grown on me.
  8. outside- The dark and moody production on this song is great.  Travis flow and wordplay are amazing.  21 Savage also appears on this track, his verse was a little bit lackluster. I felt he could have written a better verse for the song.
  9. goosebumps- I love everything about this track, except for Kendrick Lamar.  Kendrick does that annoying high-pitched thing with his voice.  Kendrick also tries to sing and it was just god awful.  This track would have been perfect, if Kendrick was taken off .  Other than that I have no problems with the track.
  10. first take –  Travis tries his hand at a love song.  Travis is great on the track but Bryson Tiller steals the show.  Bryson has been giving out great guest verses, I can only anticipate what his next album will be like.
  11. pick up the phone-  Pick up the Phone is the  second single from the album.  I’ve been hooked on the track ever since it came out.  I do wish Travis had a longer verse on the album.  This track fits everyone well, the production is amazing.
  12. lose-I didn’t care for the album at first but it has grown on me.  Travis croons on this track very similar to Cudi on the first Man On The Moon .  The production stole the show .
  13. guidance- This track seems out-of-place.  First the first time on the album it sounds as though Travis is confused as to what he wants this song to be.  Also I don’t see why Roy Wood$ is on this track.  The production is good it just seems as though Travis is lost and trying to ride the wave of new artists doing dance hall music.
  14. wonderful-  wonder is the first single from the album that was released a couple of months ago.  I really think that Travis and The Weeknd have a great chemistry together.  The production fits these two perfectly and it was a dope way to end the album.

Travis has really improved on his sound.  This album seems more cohesive and more to the point than rodeo, which seemed all over the place .  The album takes you on a journey and Travis brings everyone into his world, It doesn’t seem forced or contrived. The production stole the show on this album.  Everyone fits the album, except for Kendrick Lamar verse which I feel is horrendous. Travis brings everyone into his world to make a phenomenal album. But besides the Kendrick feature and guidance, which I didn’t particularly care for, this album is amazing.  Travis has outdone himself.

Score 4.5/5

Favorite tracks: beibz in the trap, way back, coordinate, the ends, pick up the phone

What did you think of the album?  Let me know what you think about the album, I hope everyone is enjoying themselves and being safe.  God Bless.