The over the top hit-maker released his ninth studio album and following his recent success the hype behind this album skyrocketed.  His success on social media has taken Khaled’s stock was elevated due to his over the top nature and people have even described Khaled has a human meme.  Due to his increase in popularity and the fact that i never knew what DJ Khaled actually did, i was excited to check out his most recent project.  Did Khaled deliver? Or was Major Key a Major Flop?

  1. I Got the Keys- I got the keys was the one of the major (no pun intended) singles for the album. The beat is a stereotypical trap beat and when it first came out, people were saying that Jay-z was on the song I thought they were just joking , but to my suprise Hov actually did a great job.  He flowed well and gave us a great verse.  Future is right in pocket , this beat fits him perfectly.  This song was a great way to start the album
  2. For Free- The first single for this album is smooth and a great song to ride to.  A perfect song for the summer. Aubrey gave a decent verse, nothing amazing .  The star of this album has been the production.
  3. Nas Album Done- Right off the bat, I was taken away with the beat and the production.  It was lavish and I was completely immersed in the sound.  The way the producer flipped the Fugees sample was simply genius.  I was never a huge Nas fan, I respect him and acknowledge he is one of the best rappers to ever touch a mic but I could never get into him.  Partly because of his production and beat selection.  The way that Nas painted a vivid picture and flowed over the beat blew me away.  The knowledge and advice was great especially for all the young fans .  It was an amazing track and it is contender for verse of the year.
  4. Holy Key- Shout out to Khaled for getting all this great talent on one album.  Big Sean and Kendrick give two amazing verses.  Big Sean held his own against Kendrick but Kendrick stole the show.  Betty Wright’s  voice is full of passion and commands your attentions  . While I really enjoyed this track, I could have done without the DJ Khaled adlibs . Nonetheless it was a great track .
  5. Jermaine’s Interlude-  Whoever was whining on the beginning of the track was annoying, but Cole’s whole verse was amazing and I could feel the passion in his voice.  I am anticipating Jermaine’s next project provided it sounds anything like this verse.
  6. Ima Be Alright- Bryson Tiller has been fairly quiet these past few months so I was excited to hear him on this album.  I felt as though Bryson delivered a solid hook.  Future did a good job as well.   The chemistry these two share on the track really surprised me.
  7. Do You Mind- This is easily one of the corniest songs I have heard in recent memory.
  8. Pick These Hoes Apart- Kodak’s verse was cringe-worthy, his whole verse sounded amateurish and lazy.  Jeezy verse was OK, but I was expecting more from Jeezy.  French Montana started off weak but the verse gradually improved as the song went on .  Overall this song is bad but it has its high  points.
  9. Fuck The Club Up- Future starts out the song with a catchy repetitive hook.  Ross’s verse was cool, though  he wasn’t rapping about anything of substance.  YG has a dope verse and his flow is different, I really appreciated that.  I don’t care for  Gotti’s verse. Overall  it was a cool track.
  10. Work For It- The production on this track is spacey and everyone does well .  Big Sean gives a stellar verse.  Gucci’s verse was excellent .  2 Chainz never misses as he ends this track on a high note.  Great track.
  11. Don’t Ever Play Yourself- A lyrical track from the older rappers of 90’s.  Every rapper on this track comes with bars for five minutes straight.  My favorite verse on this track came from Jadakiss, but everyone held their on.
  12. Tourist-  The beat is the only redeemable part of this song.  Lil Wayne is back at it again with a terrible verse.  Travis’s part of the song sounds like a throwaway from Days Befoee Rodeo.
  13. Forgive Me Father-Decent song, but the whole vibe I get from this song is them trying to recreate Wiz Khalifa’s See You Again.  I was surprised to see Meghan Trainor on a DJ Khaled album, but she sang her heart out.  Her voice is beautiful.  Wale and Wiz give pretty forgettable verses.
  14. Progress-  This reggae record was a standout track that was different from everything on this album.  Mavado brings together melodies and beautiful production. Progress was a great way to end the album.

Major key was a delightful mix-up of songs to listen too and I was thoroughly surprised when I turned it on.  The album comes out strong but as it goes on slowly but surely goes down hill , with a few bright spots in the end but the middle portion of this album was mediocre . But it picks up at the end and the finale was dope. Khaled got a superstar list of guests on this album and for the most part it was executed well but songs like “Pick these Hoes Apart” ,  “Do you mind” ,  and “Tourist” are cringe-worthy i see there place and where they are going to be in the long-run and what Khaled was trying to do.  Overall it was a good album , nothing more nothing less.

Favorite Tracks: Nas Album Done, Jermaines Interlude, Work For It, Don’t Ever Play Yourself


What was your opinion on the album ? Let me know what you think .  Thank you and God Bless