On Tuesday a Baton Rouge man by the name of Alton sterling was selling CD’s outside of a convienence store when police officers came.  After an altercation Alton was tackled and held down, when 5 shots were fired, hitting Alton in the chest.  He was pronounced dead later that day.  We live in a racial society.  The biggest misconception is that racism “ended” after the civil rights movement in the 1960’s.  The fight for equality has never ended and situations like this that happen everyday prove that.  Small “victories” such as police body cameras prove worthless if the body cameras can be taken off or tampered with.  The most upsetting part of this whole ordeal is that people will say that if he wasnt resisting he would be alive.  But If you look at the video he is restrained , two officers restrained a black man and still managed to kill him.  There is no excuse for that.  Allegedly he is armed and i do not see how he would even be able to get to his gun if two police officers are on top of him.  So much is running through my head as i write this right now, but it cannot compare to the loss Alton’s family is experiencing.  A wife lost her husband,  children lost their father, A mother and Father lost their son.  The policing epidemic in america has been plaguing the black community since the beginning of this country.  The only difference now is that people have cameras on their phones to record these encounters.  A day after the celebration of a new nation, we are reminded of the harsh realities minorities have to face everyday.  This isn’t a white or black problem, this is an AMERICAN problem.  While some white people are realizing the injustices happening many more are finding ways to ignore and justify this madness.  I don’t understand how officers that are trained to protect and serve always find a way to murder minorities.  Hiding behind the statement  of “I feared for my life”.  I dont understand how there were many options that could have led to this man being alive today, whether it be batons, mace, tear gas, tasers, anything that could have prevented this tragedy from happening.  In Louisiana citizens are allowed to carry weapons as long as they are over 18 and not felons.  So if you know that people may have guns why escalate a situation farther that it has to be?  The video below is taken by a bystander and their commentary is chilling.

A witness has stated that Alton was screaming “What did I do?” “Whats going on?” owner of the convienence  store Abdullah Muflahi told the Daily News.

A second video has emerged showing that alton wasnt reaching for his gun.  The video is below , viewer descristion is advised it is very graphic.

It pains me to have to write this article today.  I am tired of this happening to people, no one deserves this.  A reoccurring theme in america is that people want their guns but not when it comes to certain people of certain races.  We can not move forward as americans untill we acknowledge the problem and set a clear goal and plan.  Police officers must be retrained and learn de-escalation tactics.  I have seen far too many times where police officers have made situations worse.  America must also break down this system where officers are rarely tried and convicted for this heinous crimes.  Good police officers must speak up against bad police officers and the corruption that takes place.  A system that perpetuates violence and only condemns some and rarely convicts officers in that same system is unfair .  True equality is when everyone is treated like shit or everyone is treated fairly there is no medium.  I hope we can work as americans to fix this problem.  These officers should be convicted of murder and sentenced to life.  But lets not just talk about, lets take action and vote in our local government and make change.  Change starts with us and only we can make change.  Rest in Heaven Alton.  God Bless

Crime is increasing

Trigger happy policing

Panic is spreading

God knows where we’re heading

– Marvin Gaye 1971