Vic Mensa has been very quiet these past couple years, aside from a few features and singles.  His Breakout project, Innanetape was a great project , the diversity on the project and Vics rapping ability made this project stand out to me.  Naturally I wanted to hear more, and three years later Vic has finally delivered a mixtape to hold fans over untill his debut album.  Did Vic live up to the hype?

  1.  Dynasty-Vic starts off the tape shouting out the Roc, rapping about what he has been going through and his mother.  The first half was good not great , but when the beat flips Vic goes off .  Vic’s ability to rap sets him apart from his counterparts and it shows .  The intro was great and set the mood for the rest of the tape.
  2. 16 Shots -A very aggressive and angry track.  Vic is rapping about the injustices happening in America.  Specifically the murder of Laquan McDonald.  Vic is shedding light on the injustices and I love it .  Great track
  3. Danger – Vic premiered this track at Yeezy Season 3.  There’s a rock influence on the track .  This is one of my personal tracks on the tape.  Vic flows effortlessly on the track.  The new verse he added was mediocre to me he could have kept it off .  But regardless still a good track.
  4. New Bae-When I first heard this track I hated it but after a few listens I really enjoy this track .  This record is very smooth and showcases Vic’s record making ability .  My one gripe with this record is the bridge when Vic is trying to sing new bae at a higher pitch .  That one part sounded terrible .  But besides that it was a dope track .
  5. Liquor Locker-Vic is singing on this track.  Vic isn’t a terrible singer , but he’s very hit or miss with me .  I thought it was an OK record.  This record is very Fun and lighthearted.  A break from the seriousness of the first tracks.  The only feature on the tape is Ty Dolla $ign, and he stole the show .  I love the beat , the instrumentation , Vic is decent but Ty stole the show .
  6. Shades of Blue – This is another introspective track speaking on the injustices in America, from flint to the Eric Garner trial, to bias in media coverage .  The best part about all of this is Vic brings all of these things together while floating on the beat.  Nothing feels forced or like Vic is trying to hard to sound deep.  Vic does need to work on hooks and bridges .  They could be much better but the verse are Great and informative .  Very dope track.
  7. There’s A lot Going On- Vic starts off this track sounding like the lead singer of a rock band.  What i really apreaciate about this track is how honest and raw it is.  Vic not only showcases the good times but the bad times through his journey.  It was a great outro to the project.

The first time i hear TAGO i was not a fan, but it has grew on me. Vic can rap his ass off and he really crafted a enjoyable project.  It is a great follow-up to his critically acclaimed innanetape.  Vic has stated that this is something to hold us over untill the album.  I am excited to hear his debut album.  A few things that i think Vic should work on is singing and songwriting ability.  But overrall Vic has a bright future ahead of him

Score: 4/5

Favorite Tracks- 16 shots,  Danger, New Bae

What did you think about this Project? Let me know , God Bless