I recently had a conversation on sampling with some friends.  The discussion was from a video Rap Genius published showcasing all of the samples drake used on his album, “Views”.  The discussion came from a friend of mine that thinks that drake was “stealing ideas” because of the samples on his album.  That may possibly be one of the dumbest statements I have heard in recent memory. Sampling has been a part of Rap and Hip-Hop since the beginning of it all.     Just to ignore the history of everything is ridiculous and ignorant. But let me explain why



  1. Sampling has been happening since the beginning of time. Sampling isn’t new.  In Fact to act as though drake is the first person to ever sample anything, and to say it’s “stealing” is an idiotic statement in itself.  Many artists, including Kanye, J. Cole, Big KRIT, Dr.Dre and many more use samples in their music.  Are they biting or stealing, no.  When an artist samples a record, they must come to an agreement with whoever record they are sampling.  The only time an artist could get in trouble is if, he or she uses the sample without notifying the artist, or when a artist uses it after the artist says no.



  1. Drake is an artist, 40 is his producer. If anyone is to “blame” it would be 40.  Drake decides on what beats to rap or sing over.  For all we know, drake doesn’t even know what these records are.  Almost every song has a sample in it, the only reason I could see anybody getting upset over this, is someone who is hating or someone with low comprehension skills.  There’s no reason for any person to be that stupid, it’s ludicrous.



  1. On the topic of Drake stealing lines, Drake must contact people and seek permission. If Drake uses someone line or “verse” he usually pays them. Drakes not out here just stealing shit, like he doesn’t have a reputation to uphold.  People love to overlook the fact that Jay-z has used Biggies lines. Or Lil Wayne using Kanye’s lines, or Snoop using Slick Ricks lines.  All this boils down to a thin line to paying homage and biting. That is a decision you would have to make on your own time.


So now that we know all this, is what Drake is doing is wrong?  Nothing about how Drake handles his music or business is wrong.  You may not agree or like it, but that’s your opinion.  If Aubrey pays these people for their contributions and gets clearance on everything, how is it “stealing”.  Whatever your opinion on the subject is I would love to hear it.  I love speaking with people and I’m always glad to have a conversation with someone.


Google is such a great tool, to avoid looking stupid.  And if you don’t like Google, there’s Bing, yahoo, AOL, just a lot of different search engines that can prevent you from looking like a fool on the Internet.  You can use those to your advantage in the future.  There’s also books and documentaries that can help you gain knowledge but I digress.  I hope everyone is enjoying themselves and is being safe.   Go outside, read a book, do something to improve yourself as a person.  Be safe. God Bless