Chance the Rapper has finally released his long-awaited third mixtape. It has been a long time coming for the chicago emcee. After a slew of singles and guest verses,  and his verse on Ultra Light Beams the anticipation has been through the roof.  The  I have been anticipating this album for years and I must say I wasnt let down.  Lets hop into the review

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All We Got- Very soulful and jazzy production .  I love the instrumentation and production on this track is amazing .  This song reminds me of good ass intro on Acid Rap .  Kanye makes an appearance on the track , and you can tell chance is very influenced by ye so it’s cool for Kanye to make an appearance here .  Dope track

No Problem –  I’ve been waiting for this track since chance previewed it a few months ago .  Chance is doing something weird with his voice during his verse .  It’s not bad just kind of annoying to me .  Aside from the weird vocal effects chance kills his verse .  I love 2 Chainz verse .  Everything is great about this track , except for Lil Wayne .  Lil Wayne does good verses here and there but this verse isn’t one of the good one .

Summer Friends –  I don’t get why this track is on here .  It’s beautiful and performed well I just don’t understand why it is on this album .  Not a bad track i just didn’t particularly care for it .

D.R.A.M. Sings special –  Eh, like on Summer Friends,  this song is a good track but it just does nothing for me .

Blessings – This song reminds of something my parents would probably make me sing at church.  Chances verse is spectacular.  A very smooth track .

Same Drugs – The production on this whole mixtape is amazing .  The soulful production really complements chances voice .  The two go together to give you a very insightful track

Mixtape – This is one of the traditional “rap” songs , for lack of better words.  Mixtape is a standout track to me .  Everyone kills this track .  I wish Chance had more tracks like this .  I’ve gotten a lot of backlash because I thought Lil Yachty actually killed this track . But I say that to say this , this my blog make your own review if you hate my opinion that much.  But this whole song is dope to me .

Angels –  Angels premiered a couple of months ago .  Saba’s vocals on the are spectacular and I want to hear these two collaborate again.  One of the standout tracks to me .

Juke Jam-Another  One of my personal favorites on Coloring Book.  I wish we could have gotten a verse out of Towkio.  I love this track I just felt like there could have been more on this track .  I wanted to hear more of the featured artists.  Justin could have had a verse , or a longer vocal performance .  dispute my discrepancies this is an amazing track.

All Night – whoever the guy is speaking at the beginning needs to make a comedy album, he is hilarious.  But this song is very infectious and makes you want to get up and dance and I love it .

How Great-  The gospel choir is a great touch in the beginning .  Chances verse is aggressive and hard-hitting.  The way chance is rapping on this track is how I feel he should always rap .  Jay Electronica comes out of his cave and drops his usual one verse every blue moon.  But all jokes aside jay Electronica proves why he is one of the best emcees rapping right now .  Jay could have been a goat but he just doesn’t have the catalog to back up those claims .I don’t know why jay doesn’t drop more verses .  But his verse on this track completed the track and ended it on a good note

Smoke Break – Chance floated over this track. Future had one of the best verse on the album and chance and Future on works well.  The two come together and make a dope track.

Finish Line/Drown-  I love the instrumentation and choir.  T-pain making a appearance on this album is dope.  Chance brought everyone in and delivered a impressive enesemble.

Blessings-  Chance goes out with a bang on the outro track.  He sounds aggressive and focus and ends this project with a great song.  Chances Intros and Outros are always amazing.  Blessings was a great way to end this project.

Overall this is a great album, and chance delivered. I must say that the production on this project was amazing.  The producers helped craft a soulful album.  Chances ability to get great talent and bring them together is amazing. Theres no bad tracks, just a few tracks that personally don’t like or want to hear.  I was very impressed at who he got for this project.  I did want to hear more rapping and less Choir singing.  But for what it is , this was very enjoyable.  Only time will tell if it stands the test of time and if it lives up to his previous projects.


My favorite tracks – Juke Jam, Mixtape, Blessings, and Smoke Break

My Score:8.5/10

What are your opinions on the album, let me know what y’all think about the album, let me know what y’all think.  I hope everyone is enjoying their summer.  Bless Up