A Defensive Stance


May 2016

Let’s Talk About Sampling

I recently had a conversation on sampling with some friends.  The discussion was from a video Rap Genius published showcasing all of the samples drake used on his album, “Views”.  The discussion came from a friend of mine that thinks that drake was “stealing ideas” because of the samples on his album.  That may possibly be one of the dumbest statements I have heard in recent memory. Sampling has been a part of Rap and Hip-Hop since the beginning of it all.     Just to ignore the history of everything is ridiculous and ignorant. But let me explain why



  1. Sampling has been happening since the beginning of time. Sampling isn’t new.  In Fact to act as though drake is the first person to ever sample anything, and to say it’s “stealing” is an idiotic statement in itself.  Many artists, including Kanye, J. Cole, Big KRIT, Dr.Dre and many more use samples in their music.  Are they biting or stealing, no.  When an artist samples a record, they must come to an agreement with whoever record they are sampling.  The only time an artist could get in trouble is if, he or she uses the sample without notifying the artist, or when a artist uses it after the artist says no.



  1. Drake is an artist, 40 is his producer. If anyone is to “blame” it would be 40.  Drake decides on what beats to rap or sing over.  For all we know, drake doesn’t even know what these records are.  Almost every song has a sample in it, the only reason I could see anybody getting upset over this, is someone who is hating or someone with low comprehension skills.  There’s no reason for any person to be that stupid, it’s ludicrous.



  1. On the topic of Drake stealing lines, Drake must contact people and seek permission. If Drake uses someone line or “verse” he usually pays them. Drakes not out here just stealing shit, like he doesn’t have a reputation to uphold.  People love to overlook the fact that Jay-z has used Biggies lines. Or Lil Wayne using Kanye’s lines, or Snoop using Slick Ricks lines.  All this boils down to a thin line to paying homage and biting. That is a decision you would have to make on your own time.


So now that we know all this, is what Drake is doing is wrong?  Nothing about how Drake handles his music or business is wrong.  You may not agree or like it, but that’s your opinion.  If Aubrey pays these people for their contributions and gets clearance on everything, how is it “stealing”.  Whatever your opinion on the subject is I would love to hear it.  I love speaking with people and I’m always glad to have a conversation with someone.


Google is such a great tool, to avoid looking stupid.  And if you don’t like Google, there’s Bing, yahoo, AOL, just a lot of different search engines that can prevent you from looking like a fool on the Internet.  You can use those to your advantage in the future.  There’s also books and documentaries that can help you gain knowledge but I digress.  I hope everyone is enjoying themselves and is being safe.   Go outside, read a book, do something to improve yourself as a person.  Be safe. God Bless




Coloring Book Review

Chance the Rapper has finally released his long-awaited third mixtape. It has been a long time coming for the chicago emcee. After a slew of singles and guest verses,  and his verse on Ultra Light Beams the anticipation has been through the roof.  The  I have been anticipating this album for years and I must say I wasnt let down.  Lets hop into the review

Chance 3.jpg


All We Got- Very soulful and jazzy production .  I love the instrumentation and production on this track is amazing .  This song reminds me of good ass intro on Acid Rap .  Kanye makes an appearance on the track , and you can tell chance is very influenced by ye so it’s cool for Kanye to make an appearance here .  Dope track

No Problem –  I’ve been waiting for this track since chance previewed it a few months ago .  Chance is doing something weird with his voice during his verse .  It’s not bad just kind of annoying to me .  Aside from the weird vocal effects chance kills his verse .  I love 2 Chainz verse .  Everything is great about this track , except for Lil Wayne .  Lil Wayne does good verses here and there but this verse isn’t one of the good one .

Summer Friends –  I don’t get why this track is on here .  It’s beautiful and performed well I just don’t understand why it is on this album .  Not a bad track i just didn’t particularly care for it .

D.R.A.M. Sings special –  Eh, like on Summer Friends,  this song is a good track but it just does nothing for me .

Blessings – This song reminds of something my parents would probably make me sing at church.  Chances verse is spectacular.  A very smooth track .

Same Drugs – The production on this whole mixtape is amazing .  The soulful production really complements chances voice .  The two go together to give you a very insightful track

Mixtape – This is one of the traditional “rap” songs , for lack of better words.  Mixtape is a standout track to me .  Everyone kills this track .  I wish Chance had more tracks like this .  I’ve gotten a lot of backlash because I thought Lil Yachty actually killed this track . But I say that to say this , this my blog make your own review if you hate my opinion that much.  But this whole song is dope to me .

Angels –  Angels premiered a couple of months ago .  Saba’s vocals on the are spectacular and I want to hear these two collaborate again.  One of the standout tracks to me .

Juke Jam-Another  One of my personal favorites on Coloring Book.  I wish we could have gotten a verse out of Towkio.  I love this track I just felt like there could have been more on this track .  I wanted to hear more of the featured artists.  Justin could have had a verse , or a longer vocal performance .  dispute my discrepancies this is an amazing track.

All Night – whoever the guy is speaking at the beginning needs to make a comedy album, he is hilarious.  But this song is very infectious and makes you want to get up and dance and I love it .

How Great-  The gospel choir is a great touch in the beginning .  Chances verse is aggressive and hard-hitting.  The way chance is rapping on this track is how I feel he should always rap .  Jay Electronica comes out of his cave and drops his usual one verse every blue moon.  But all jokes aside jay Electronica proves why he is one of the best emcees rapping right now .  Jay could have been a goat but he just doesn’t have the catalog to back up those claims .I don’t know why jay doesn’t drop more verses .  But his verse on this track completed the track and ended it on a good note

Smoke Break – Chance floated over this track. Future had one of the best verse on the album and chance and Future on works well.  The two come together and make a dope track.

Finish Line/Drown-  I love the instrumentation and choir.  T-pain making a appearance on this album is dope.  Chance brought everyone in and delivered a impressive enesemble.

Blessings-  Chance goes out with a bang on the outro track.  He sounds aggressive and focus and ends this project with a great song.  Chances Intros and Outros are always amazing.  Blessings was a great way to end this project.

Overall this is a great album, and chance delivered. I must say that the production on this project was amazing.  The producers helped craft a soulful album.  Chances ability to get great talent and bring them together is amazing. Theres no bad tracks, just a few tracks that personally don’t like or want to hear.  I was very impressed at who he got for this project.  I did want to hear more rapping and less Choir singing.  But for what it is , this was very enjoyable.  Only time will tell if it stands the test of time and if it lives up to his previous projects.


My favorite tracks – Juke Jam, Mixtape, Blessings, and Smoke Break

My Score:8.5/10

What are your opinions on the album, let me know what y’all think about the album, let me know what y’all think.  I hope everyone is enjoying their summer.  Bless Up


VIEWS Album Review

2015, was a very interested year for the Toronto artist.  Two dope projects, A apple deal, coming out on top of a beef.  It was a phenomenal year for drake to say the least.  Drake had been saying his album Views from the six for a little over two years at that point.  Fast Forward to May and VIEWS is officially platinum after only a week out.  But to be honest i was really disappointed by this album.  Lets jump into the review

1.Keep The Family Close: A grand opening by drake, everything was epic about the track, the structure of the song, the production.  But i felt like drake just came up short .  It felt like waking up on christmas day as a kid  and seeing you only got clothes.  Its decent, it’s not bad but i was just expecting more from drake.  I must say the track has grown on me a little bit but it could have been a lot better.

2.9-  Another track that started off great, but fizzled out the more it went on.  Drake is rapping on this track but im not feeling this track at all, it seemed lazy.  It just didn’t hit me and I really wanted to like this track.  The beat is phenomenal though i must say.

3.U with Me- The song starts of with a DMX sample, which is hilarious to me  because in an interview with The Breakfast Club, DMX expressed a deep hatred for drake.  But back to the track , drake is getting beat by the production.  The production is standing out to me more than anything drake is saying.  The production is steady on this album, but drake himself sounds uninspired and is giving us some of the worst bars ive ever heard from him.  “Girl i had your back when all you used to do was front” .  No. Just No.

4. Feel No Ways-This beat is very different.  Not bad necessarily just different. This track isn’t bad to me it’s just kind of there.  I don’t hate the track it’s just ok to me.  Nothing really amazing happens on this track.  His singing is decent on this track .  But I don’t have a lot to say about the song.  Just ok.

5.Hype-  This song is a certified banger.  The production is on point,as always.  But drake is actually rapping, and very well.  It is one of my favorites on the album.  When drake raps he really can’t miss.  He rides the beat well , no cringe worthy lines on this track.  Very dope track.

6.Western Road Flows-I love this beat, it’s smooth and drake is in his pocket on this song.  It is one of if not the best song on this album to me.  Drake flows effortlessly on this track.  Once again when drake raps like this, you can’t deny his growth and his worth as a rapper.  Drake killed this track .

7.Redemption-Production on this song is amazing.  But sadly drake, doesnt utilize it and once again he comes up short for me. Vocally drake isn’t bad, but he’s not great, he’s just ok on this track.  But i find myself more interested in the production that drake himself.

8. With you –  Partynextdoor is featured on this track and I don’t know why.  Party’s verse does nothing for me here, I don’t really enjoy this track either.  Drake is doing his usually singing about women switching up on him and nothing here is good to me.  Its bad when i dont care for anything about a song.

9.Faithful-  The late great pimp-c is featured on this track.  How drake got a pimp-c verse is beyond me.  But i love Pimp-C’s verse on this.  He sets the mood, but drake comes and switches the mood and combines singing and rapping and it’s not bad but it doesn’t fit the track to me.  DVSN, drakes newest artist, steals the show for me.  He can really sing his ass off.  Overall i love everything about this track, except drake.  DVSN outshined drake on his own album.

10.Still Here-  Drake makes another hit with this song.  It is one of the high points of this album.  He is actually spitting bars.  The hook is infectious and catchy.

11.Controlla-  When this song first dropped, I completely hated it.  But after a few listens it grows on you.    It makes me want to get up and dance, and I hate dancing.  The dance hall inspired track is great.  This is a great song for the club and dance hall.

12.One Dance-  Another song that i hated at first but grew on me as time went on.   The Jamaican and dance hall vibe from this song is great.  Drake actually sounds really great on this song.  The beat is also very infectious,  it’s a very solid song and makes you want to get up and dance.

13.Grammy’s-A vicious turn up track.  Future and Drake sound great over this production.  Drake murders his verse.  But i really feel like this song could have been ten times better.  It’s not bad at all, i just feel it had a lot of potential, but none the less it is a dope track, and it’ll bang in the club and in the car.

14.Childs Play- EH

15.PopStyle- A track that was released a few weeks before the release , it originally had a Jay-z “feature” along with Kanye west verse.  It is a dope track, the dark beat and drake is rapping his ass off again.  It is a dope track, but that “I got so many chains on they call me Channing Tatum ” line is Trash. As fuck.  But the new verse by drake is really great.  So it all works out in the end.  Great Track

16.Too Good- EH.  don’t really care for this track.

17.Summers Too Good interlude – Cool interlude, i love the sample.  But nothing special here.

18.Fire&Desire-One of the few tracks where drake is singing that i actually care for.  It is great all around the production, drake doesn’t bore me with his singing.  Drake actually sounds inspired and motivated on this track, it doesn’t sound forced or lazy.

19.Views-  Drake is always in pocket on this type of production to me.  He kills the track .  Theres nothing else i can say but this is a great track.

20.Hotline Bling-  We all know Hotline Bling, it’s a very catchy track .  Nothing new we heard this tracks last year.  Dope track.  I’m puzzled as to why its the last track on the album, it seemed like it should be in the middle , sequenced with Controlla and One dance.  But it’s not a bad song, but it feels out-of-place , going at the end.

Overall, this album was very hit or miss with me.  I love when drake is spitting bars, but the singing has always been hit or miss with me.  Drake has proven to us that he can rap and he can make great albums, i feel as though drake got complacent and cocky and gave us a sub par album.. Views feels like a R&B album with a few rapping tracks on it.  I just feel like drake as an artist could have come a lot harder on this album .  The production is amazing but the album is sequenced weird, making it sound like a mix up of songs, rather than one cohesive body of work.  Overall it’s not bad, but it’s not great .  This album had so much potential but i fell flat to me.


That is my review , tell me what you think about the album.  I love conversating with people with music, so just let me know what you think.  Summer’s around the corner and i hope everyone is doing well. Bless Up



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