Lil Uzi Vert released his third mixtape earlier this week.  Lil Uzi last release Luv is Rage, was released around Halloween last year.  Since then he has teased many songs on his Twitter and Instagram.  What I like most about Uzi is his approach to beats and how he doesn’t give you a typical song structure.  His melodies and his song writing abilities make his songs very interesting to say the least.  Luv is Rage was one of my favorite tapes of last year and Lil Uzi is becoming one of my favorite new artist.  But let’s hop into the review.


Canadian Goose- Uzi starts out this tape brash and unapologetic.  “Wake up in the morning, brush my teeth, grab my bitch ass, all i do is think about the cash” This song is a perfect song as the intro, it sets the mood for entire tape.

Hi Roller- The second song on tape is more laid back than Canadian goose.  It is one of my favorite tracks on the mixtape.  The whole song sounds amazing, it’s catchy, lyrically Uzi doesn’t impress me, but the flows he’s hitting and how he structures the song make me like Uzi.  What he lacks in lyricism he makes up for with songwriting

Money Longer- The lead single for this mixtape, it was released earlier this year. Money longer quickly became a fan favorite.  The beat is very infectious.  Lil Uzi uses his vocals almost as an instrument on this track.  The way he stretches his voice and rides the beat makes it easy to sing along to.  Money longer is easily one of my favorite songs on this tape.

Grab the Wheel- This track is very weird to me, I feel like Uzi is trying to do his best young thug impression on this song.  Thug is a clear influence on Uzi’s music which is fine.  But on this exact track i feel like he is trying to bite thug’s exact style.  It’s one of my least favorites on the tape.

You was Right- You was right was one of the songs Uzi previewed on his social media, metro boomin beat is great.  This song is one of my least favorite on the tape.  The beat is good but i don’t particularly like Uzi on this song.  It’s not bad perse, it’s just not a song a particularly care for.

Baby are you Home-Uzi’s flow on this song is emaculate.  Uzi’s voice is almost like an instrument and the way he stretches his voice to stay on beat is something that i like about Uzi.  Lyrically Uzi isn’t talking about anything new, which is one of my biggest problems with Uzi.  But over time i think he can grow and get better at that.

P’s and Q’s- The beat on this song is…..different. The beat sounds like a river dance song.  This type of beat you wouldn’t think a rapper would be able to make a song out of this, but somehow Uzi floats over the production.  The real star of this mixtape is the production and the different beats and layers of these beats.

Team Rocket- I didn’t like this song when i first heard it.  But after a couple of plays it’s not bad at all.  It’s a slower paced song and i couldn’t help but sing along to the track.  Dope track

Scott and Ramona- Continuing the vibe from the last track, this track reminds of Nuyork Nights from his last mixtape.  Uzi croons over this beat, honestly it’s my least favorite track on the tape.  It’s not bad but i enjoy the other songs on the tape more than this.  It almost feels like this was a throw away track that he put on the end.  It does not really fit the vibe of the mixtape. It’s enjoyable by itself but in the totality of the tape it does not flow well to me.

Favorites: P’s and Q’s, Baby are you Home, Money Longer


Least Favorites: Grab the Wheel, Scott and Ramona


Overall it was a good mixtape.  It’s nothing new for Uzi.  He is in his pocket and he does what he does best.  His melodies and song writing will take him far in my opinion.  Uzi knows how to make a catchy song that will stick in your head.  In the future i hope that Uzi can become a little more fleshed out and expand his sound.  But for what it is it is a great mixtape.  I have been playing this for the past couple days and i don’t see an end in sight.  Besides Uzi’s song writing ability, the production is amazing, it almost outshines him.


My overall score for this mixtape is 4.5/5


I want to hear your opinions on the album, did you love it, hate it, let me know what you think.  Hope everyone’s 2016 is going well. Bless up