Bill O’Reilly, the man pictured above has never been a stranger to insensitive comments, but most recently he had an interview with Donald trump.  In said interview Bill asks a very harmful and racially insensitive question about African Americans. When talking to Donald about bringing jobs to America, Bill questioned African Americans qualifications to work.  “Many of them are ill-educated and have tattoos on their foreheads, and I hate to be generalized about it, but it’s true,” O’Reilly stated.  You can see his comments for yourself below:

These comments don’t surprise coming from one of the most racist, bigoted individuals on fox news.  Some of Bills most ignorant statements include:


“Black men commit murder at 10 times the rate of whites and Hispanics combined”


These statement is false.  Whites commits the most crime in America.  Whites are more likely to commit violent crimes.  These rhetoric is harmful because it makes it seem as though black people are more violent which just not the case is.


“You can’t reach a fair verdict, or implement public policy by dwelling on the sins of the past.”


Bill, it is kind of hard to just sweep hundreds of years of oppression under the rug, lynching’s, Jim Crow, and institution zed racism in America.  The effects of all these stop African Americans from getting a fair shot in America.  To ignore all these factors would be ignorant.  How can you ignore everything and just act as though none of these things affect us to this very day?


“Raised without much structure, young black men often reject the education process and gravitate towards street culture. It’s a personal decision.”


Much like the comments he made recently, Bill makes another generalization.  It is very harmful to assume that just because some gravitate towards that lifestyle that it represents every young black male.  According to the Department of Justice and U.S. department of Education, there are more black males in college than in prison.  But if i were to say that white people gravitate towards school shooting culture, i would be berated for my comments, so i don’t know why bill keeps making these comments, unless you really want to sway people’s opinions to hate African Americans.


Bill outdid Trump with his most recent comments.  To generalize all African Americans as having face tattoos and were all uneducated is harmful.  Bill has a platform to help people, but he constantly decides to shit on African Americans.  Bill isn’t a clean figure that hasn’t done anything wrong.  Earlier this year, O’Reilly lost custody of his children, following a domestic abuse report. O’Reilly’s 17 year old daughter said that she witnessed bill drag her mother down the stairs.  It seems that bill should be worried about his home life and not abusing the mother of his children.  If bill doesn’t want us to generalize him as an alcoholic, who abuses women, then maybe he shouldn’t try and generalize us.  A good life lesson to remember is whenever you point the finger at anyone, there is four pointing back at you.  If you are going to single out and criticize one group of people be sure your plate is clean and you haven’t done anything wrong.  God Bless