During the Beyoncé Performance, Beyoncé performed her song, “Formation”. It was a very controversial performance and the music video also stirred a lot of controversy. Particularly concerning a few images in the video, one being Beyoncé laying on top of a sinking cop car. Also a black child dancing and police officers raising their hands up and a shot of a message saying, “stop shooting us”. Beyoncé’s Performers took a photo alluding to the Black Panther Party. Media outlets were outraged at the idea of this and they voiced their outrage. Tomi Lahren, a TV show host voiced her opinions concerning the performance. She talks about the performance and how it is dividing America and that Beyoncé shouldn’t be endorsing a “terrorist” group.  Along the way she also tries to trivialize the work of the Black Lives Matter Movement, you can see everything in the video below

I have several problems with these statements. But the argument that irritates me the most was that she called the Black Panther Party Terrorists. If you know what I know about the Party is that they handed out food and, provided different programs to help impoverished black communities. Black panthers also policed the police, making sure that the police didn’t harass and abuse people in their community’s. Panthers also educated people on their rights and made sure people knew what the police could and could not do to them. A popular claim is that the Black Panthers were violent and went around beating people up and causing terror. The black panthers went of the energy and what was presented to them, only using force when necessary, only defending themselves. Things I have been hearing and seeing, people compare the Black panthers to the KKK. These claims are trash. There ignorant, and just stupid on so many levels. When have the Black Panthers ever

  • Murdered white people and got away with it
  • Terrorized a marginalized group of people
  • Bombed churches
  • Tortured and Murdered White children
  • Gang raped white women
  • Murdered people praying in a church

I could go on but I don’t have the time. There is no comparison, the two groups have nothing in common. The black panthers were a group that was against racism and wanted uplift, educate, and unite African-Americans. The KKK terrorized African Americans. The KKK is a hate group that would lynch and hang people out of hate. Because they wanted to and for no good reason besides ignorance and hate for another human beings. Black Panthers wanted to help and protect African Americans, I don’t know how anyone could even compare the too. Everyone time I’ve heard the comparison it has been someone trying to bring black people down and push the narrative that black people were terrorist and evil . It is nothing but a diversion tactic that is harmful and hateful. A lot of these narratives can be dissolved by simple things, like reading a book, using the Internet, having conversations. Just having a conversation with people can end so many misconceptions and disparities. Race relations can’t be moved forward until we have these conversations and come to an understandings. Get out and make new friends outside of your community and listen and converse with these people. It starts and ends with us. I’m always down for conversations with people, and meeting new people.  Everyone is ignorant no one knows everything, there is always something you can learn.  Listening to people and seeing things from different perspectives can broaden your view and help you understand where people are coming from.  As i said earlier we are all americans and we have a long way to go, but it is not an impossible task.  God bless and be safe