XXL Freshman List Predictions

Every year around this time, the speculation behind the XXL freshman list becomes at a all time high.  The list showcases a list of artist that have the potential to become main-stays in the Rap industry.  The beauty behind the list is that it creates conversation between people.  Also creating buzz for these artists and any other artist trying to get on the list.  No one is saying XXL’s list is the right list, the beauty of the internet is that everyone can voice their opinion and make their own list, but without further speculation here’s my contenders who i think should be on the list in 2016

1.Post Malone

About a year and a half ago , no one knew who the Dallas, Texas native was.  But with the success of his breakout sing ‘White Iverson‘ he has created alot of buzz for himself .  Releasing a stream of songs on his SoundCloud.  All of which have been great, to being Featured on Kanye West’s album ‘The Life of Pablo”.  Post has created a very favorable position for him to start his career.  I look foward to what Post has in the works and his debut album slated to be released in May.

2.Tory Lanez

Tory Lanez has been releasing a stream of great music ever since he started rapping.  From his ‘ChixTape‘ Series, to ‘Cruel Intentions‘, to ‘The New Toronto‘, to his ‘Lost Cause‘ Mixtape Tory has given us a steady stream of good work.  His Breakout hit ‘Say it’ really pushed his name out there giving him great ready play.  Tory is one of the most consistent, versatile rappers out today.  I can not wait to see where he ends a few years from now.

3.Mick Jenkins

Mick is one of the most conscious rappers we have in rap today.  The Chicago Emcee has created great buzz for himself with his breakout mixtape ‘The Water[s]‘.  Most people will argue that mick should have been on the list last year and some will say two years ago.  Mick is one of the most socially aware rappers and can certainly rap his ass of.

4.Lil Herb

Lil herb can rap , like really rap.  Dont believe me checkout his most acclaimed mixtape, ‘Welcome to Fazoland‘.His most recent release ‘Ballin Like Im Kobe‘ had fans eagerly waiting and he delivered a solid mixtape.  Lil herb’s growth as a artist has many people excited to see where he’ll be in the next few years.  Herb is also one of candidates people said should have been on the list two years ago and even more so last year.  But hopefully XXL will finally give Herb the recognition he deserves.

5. Lil Uzi Vert

Lil Uzi popped on the scene last year and has been making major moves.  His most recent mixtape ‘luv is rage‘ is a classic to me .  His flows and his ability to switch between rapping and singing is excellent.  Getting major co-signs from the likes of DJ drama, Don Cannon, Young Thug, and Wiz Khalifa.  Uzi’s opportunities are limitless and he could be a major player in the game a few years down the line

6. Bryson Tiller

XXL has recently these past few years, have been incorporating singers on to the list. The Louisville Native certainly had a great year.  His song ‘Dont‘ created a major amount of buzz for him and it was his breakout single.  Shortly he signed to a major and released his debut album’ T R A P S O U L‘.  With major talent a major cosigns, People are eager to see what Young Tiller progress and succeed in this industry.

7.Jazz Cartier

Jazz Cartier has been making some huge moves as of late.  His latest release ‘Hotel Paranoia‘ is a very interesting body of work.  Jazz is from Toronto and has been releasing a stream of quality work.  His unique sound along with his work ethic should carry him far along in this game.

8. Alex Wiley

The Chicago native has been putting out a stream of succesful mixtapes since 2012.  With every release you can hear the progression and compassion in his music.  He recently released a album. ‘Village Party 2‘.  The unique sounds and new vibes alex brings to the table are really refreshing.  Wiley has worked with many artist and I’m happy to see him progress and succeed in this industry.

In my opinion these are some of the most interesting faces in rap today.  These artists have the potential to blow up and become main stays in this business. Im always down for conversation or debate.  These are just my opinions, share yours.  I hope everyone is having a good 2016 so far, god bless





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