The Journey of Scott Mescudi is a very interesting one. Kid Cudi is a very interesting artist and has always been outspoken. Kid Cudi blew up around 2008 with the release of A Kid Named Cudi.

After this mixtape he signed to Kanye West’s Label G.O.O.D. Music.  With the release of A Kid Named Cudi, he was a hot commodity.  A big draw of Scott’s music is the honesty.  His honesty concerning his upbringing, where he’s from, and his depression and really telling people how he really feels . At the time talking about depression was very unheard of.  His debut album Man on the Moon: The End of Day, was really a genre-bending album and it’s a classic to me.  The space theme is key throughout all of his pieces of work.

   His follow-up to Man

on The Moon , Man on The Moon 2.  This album he started to experiment more and the key difference is this album is darker.  But he is still honest and is still rapping about what he knows best.

Cudi has been important to Hip-Hop Culture because he gives kids a voice.  Whether it be kids with depression, or kids who are looked down upon, or just anybody who is difference can relate to. After switching management and label grievances Cudi has been on a steady decline.  A steady release of lukewarm projects and personal issues Cudi has reached the point of almost being irrelevant.  His most recent project Speeding Bullet to Heaven might possibly be one of the worst projects in recent memory.

Cudi has always been experimental, and has never been scared to do something different.  But this project was just bad.  I really only listen to rap and r&b.  But I’m not opposed to listening to other music.  My main problem with this record is that it’s bad all around the boards.  Bad mixing, bad vocals, bad production, Cudi cannot play guitar, or not well from what I have heard on this record.  This is disheartening mainly because I love his early work and I’ve always championed him.  But over the years Scott has been on downward spiral. Cudi is on the Brink of obscurity and he is going to have to release an amazing album to come back.  Cudi is inspirational and influential and you can’t take any of his achievements away from him. But right now on January 2nd 2015. Cudi needs to get back with the right people and get back with Plain Pat and Emile, the guys who helped make his early projects Classic.   Cudi is going through the same things other artist such as Lil Wayne are going through.  Cudi can become relevant and back on top but he has to take the correct steps to do so.


This is just what I’ve observed and my opinion on the artist.  Cudi is a legend in my opinion and one of my favorite artist of all time.  But I encourage people to have a conversation and come their own conclusions. This is just my opinion. God bless and Happy New Years.