In 2012 George Zimmerman killed a unarmed black teenager like he was a annoying insect.  Three years later after no jail time or any type of consequences for his actions, African Americans are still fighting for true equality in America.  Whether it be the Black Lives Matter Movement or protest or exposing racists on social media.  People have been working to better race relations in America.  Fast forward to today September 27 2015.  One of George Zimmerman fans (let that sink in this man has actual fans), posted a photo of Trayvon’s dead body, a young black man lying dead after being racially profiled and NOTHING was done about it .  George Zimmerman hasn’t apologized or even tried to hide.  He has gone to Ferguson during times of high tension.  George Zimmerman teamed up to sell confederate flag paintings.  George Zimmerman actually stalked two kids in Ferguson.    George Zimmerman actually had the nerve to retweet the said tweet in question.  I don’t know how Zimmerman is allowed to walk these streets today.  You followed a young black kid, profiled him, and called the police and when the police told you not to worry about it.  You followed him anyway and attacked him.  Trayvon could have been anything in the world and you took that from him because you felt unsafe, just because a black person wanted to go to the store and get a snack and something to drink

Three years later what has really changed?  African Americans are fighting to be seen as equal and overcome institutionalized racism.  Not only was Trayvon murdered, people did everything in their power to somehow justify and demonize this young child.  People actually agreed and celebrated this has if this was some noble deed.  The fact that George Zimmerman actually has fans surprises me.  This answers the question where we as a society are in 2015.  We have a long way to go before anything changes.