The racial tension in America is really high.  Whether  it be policing, cultural appropriation, slurs, etc.  Race topics have been the main focus in America. Minority’s have been fighting for equality for years and finally people are slowly but surely starting to speak on these issues. Ever since the death of Trayvon Martin and countless others.  One could go insane trying to count the number of unarmed black people killed.  The way minority’s are policed is also the center of attention.  Recently rapper , Wiz Khalifa was arrested in the airport for riding his hover board.  It is really interesting that Wiz  wasn’t doing anything wrong .  On the creator of the Hoover board website it boast on being TSA friendly and safe.  Wiz was thrown on the ground and violently assaulted and arrested.  He was let go later with no charges .  This brings us back to policing.   On the left is a man riding his board in the airport.  He’s clearly having no problem going about his day. Another case I’m really interested in pointing out is the case of Jim Cooley.  A man who was walking around the airport with assault rifle.  He was never harassed or barraged by the police.  Now that’s fine but why is it wiz was arrested , brutally I may add.  But these two men were completely fine.  The way people are policed need to be changed and de-escalation.  These are just observations I have made.  But these are my opinions what are yours let me know