A Defensive Stance


August 2015

Emmit Till and where we are in America 

Yesterday was the 60th anniversary of the death of Emmit Till.  Emmit Till was murdered by two white men for allegedly whistling at a white woman.  Nothing was ever done as the men who did it were never convicted of the crime.  This was 1955.  Fast-forward 60 years later and what has really changed?  Black men and women have been getting  killed and nothing has been done . Racism has always been a issue in America.  Whether it be discrimination, prejudice, appropriation, so on and so forth.  We as a nation have a long way to go before everyone gets true equality.  The list of African Americans who have been killed is endless and it seems as though there is no end in sight.  Unless something is done nothing will change.  As a black man I am tired of waking up and seeing another hashtag of someone killed.  I’m tired of worrying about my family when they leave the house.  I’m tired of people being killed and no justice being served.  People must not be afraid to have conversations about race.  African Americans have negative connotations that we are more violent , lazy, and thiefs. Until people have conversations and we all come together as a nation nothing will be done.  With no conversations misconceptions will be made.  It’s 2015 it’s time.



Wiz Khalifa recent arrest

The racial tension in America is really high.  Whether  it be policing, cultural appropriation, slurs, etc.  Race topics have been the main focus in America. Minority’s have been fighting for equality for years and finally people are slowly but surely starting to speak on these issues. Ever since the death of Trayvon Martin and countless others.  One could go insane trying to count the number of unarmed black people killed.  The way minority’s are policed is also the center of attention.  Recently rapper , Wiz Khalifa was arrested in the airport for riding his hover board.  It is really interesting that Wiz  wasn’t doing anything wrong .  On the creator of the Hoover board website it boast on being TSA friendly and safe.  Wiz was thrown on the ground and violently assaulted and arrested.  He was let go later with no charges .  This brings us back to policing.   On the left is a man riding his board in the airport.  He’s clearly having no problem going about his day. Another case I’m really interested in pointing out is the case of Jim Cooley.  A man who was walking around the airport with assault rifle.  He was never harassed or barraged by the police.  Now that’s fine but why is it wiz was arrested , brutally I may add.  But these two men were completely fine.  The way people are policed need to be changed and de-escalation.  These are just observations I have made.  But these are my opinions what are yours let me know

Oathkeepers in Ferguson

The one year anniversary of the controversial shooting of Mike Brown has arrived, and many ask the question, what has really changed?  Police are still shooting unarmed citizens like cattle, with some being punished or held responsible for the victims, while some are let off scot-free.  How are officers who are paid and trained to uphold the law consistently violating and escaping proper punishment by the law?


Recently, peaceful protests have been held in Ferguson on the anniversary of Mike Brown being shot by Darren Wilson.  In light of the revival of protest around the anniversary, a few people have been murdered by the police due to violence breaking out.  Recently, a friend of Mike Brown, Tyrone Harris was shot. He is listed as being in critical condition.


Many people question the way people police these communities, and question to themselves whether or not Mike Brown’s death could have been prevented.  The standing factor with all these deaths is the fact that they are unarmed.  Recently, “Oathkeepers” have been patrolling Ferguson with assault rifles. “Oathkeepers” are ex-military, firefighters, and policemen who serve the purpose to protect the constitution against all enemies domestic and foreign.  Protestors question who they are and why they are exactly there.  It raises eyebrows that none of these “Oathkeepers” have been harassed or arrested, but many protesters have been arrested for simple, harmless things such as filming the police, which isn’t against the law whatsoever.   If anything positive can be drawn from this incredibly negative situation, more people are aware, more people are protesting, and more people are fighting for equality in America.



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